Problem in Submit a URL with

How to proceed if you would receive the following error: This link does not appear to be a working link. Please check the URL and try again.

Problem in Submit a URL with

During the process of reporting URL to, it happens sometimes that there are some problems, perhaps only with pages of a particular website.
The error message, to which we will find the solution, it’s below.

This link does not appear to be a working link. Please check the URL and try again.

When this happened to me, firstly I crawled Google far and wide, looking if other users had already found my problem. We will now analyze the various proposals for resolving the problem.

Bad Behavior Wordpress Plugin

As for those who use Wordpress on blog that they are trying to signal to Digg, it is possible that they have stumbled in the classic problem of Plugin Bad Behavior (helpful to protect your blog from spambots and other bad software).

The solution is below.

  • In the plugin Bad Behavior folder, you should find a subfolder bad-behavior; inside, you'll find a file named ""

  • Change whitelist with a text editor. There are two ways to put a web site in whitelist: through IP address and by User Agent. We use the IP address of crawler Digg, or

  • To enter the IP in whitelist, you must change the variable $bb2_whitelist_ip_ranges, inserting a line that matches the crawlers Digg. The result will be similar to the following:

    // Includes four examples of whitelisting by IP address and netblock.
    $bb2_whitelist_ip_ranges = array ( 
    // ""
  • Now you can save the file on your site and the process will be finished. The signal to Digg should work properly right away.

incorrect settings in the file .htaccess

This case involves web sites that use the file .htaccess, perhaps for the rewrite of its URL.
There is the possibility, particularly for non-professional sites, that the crawlers cannot reach the page reported, due to blockage applied from the file .htaccess.
Before you try other solutions, you should run all the checks, checking thoroughly file lines dealing with the rewrite.
For CMS, which Joomla and Wordpress, there is no need to do this control Except in cases where the file has changed manually.

Network Problems

The next inspection consists on make sure that there are no network problems (DNS, failures on the network, server overload, etc..), which cause website to be unreachable , At least from some areas of the Internet.
A good test could be to access to your site / blog through the different proxy present online, such as Anonymouse. If the site appears without problems, the problem is not here, but must be sought elsewhere.

Contact Digg support

The last hope is to entrust themselves and the blog to point out, in the hands of Digg technicians.
While I’m writing this article, there is not a support or a form of contact at the site
The only way to receive support is, in my opinion, to send them an e-mail, hoping for a positive response.
In my case I was lucky, here's the text of the e-mail request that I sent to with the subject [Support Request] Error submitting my personal pages:


I would know why from today I cannot submit my personal website URLs.
For example:

Two days ago, I submitted articles 2 and there was no problem on them.
-- Http://
-- Http://

Best regards,

Despite my approximate English, I received a reply in less than half an hour, and just on Sunday evening at 23.30! Here is the short text of their e-mail:

Hello Loris,

Try submitting it now, it should work.

-- Support Digg

I immediately tried to make tracking the URL again and I noticed that it worked perfectly!
Congratulations to Digg technicians who promptly solved the problem, although they not told me which type of problem. I believe that my site should be finished in a blacklist with no reason and them, in few words, didn’t manage to reintegrated it , but are only hypotheses.

As always, I hope that this article will be helpful to you in any case. If you want you can leave a comment, positive or negative, and I’ll try to give you a hand!


  1. Rob24 January 2009, 19:43:43

    Hey there, your guide helped me fix this problem. Many thanks.

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    Glad to have been of help!

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    i got same issue.

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    i've got the same issue but the issue comes up when i try to submit article by mobile, it's hard to login and submit an article to digg by browser mobile. Thanks

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