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Experiences of shipping from the American website and payment through PostePay card.

Order in Italy on

There were many doubts about the possibility to place orders through website, by using the mythical PostePay card and, after an accurate test, I had the certainty that there are no problems!

By consultino several opinions in forum and websites of any types, I read that some people had temporary double charges, rejected shippings and problems of any kind. Although this discouraging information, I tried to place an order for a total amount of 30,38€ included shipping charges (nearly 44$, a good saving, I think).

A day and a half after having placet the order, by selecting the Visa optino as way of payment through Credit Card, I received the communication that the package had been sent. I controlled my card on the Poste Italiane (Italian Postoffice) website and I found the charge, with the accounting date 4 days after the currency date.
So, there is nothing to object to website, which can be defined the professional version of Ebay.

Moreover, the shipping is suitable to any target and it can be selected among different options, from the slowliest and cheapest to the fastest and most expensive.
By selecting the "Expedited International Shipping" option, the date of arrival is calculated 14 days after the shipping date, it’s quite good for a total cost of 12$, even if these costs will be surely higher for bigger orders.

While I’m waiting for the arrival of my book, I can give an encouraging 8-rate to, which surely reflects my expectations towards a website of such a diffusion.

When the package arrives, be careful, because you will have to pay a large amount of money for taxes, although at the moment of the order, nobody tells you about them!

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