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CSS Shorthand Cheat Sheet

Category: Cheat Sheets

Un foglio A4 per un rapido riferimento alle regole shorthand CSS, ovvero le scorciatoie che permettono di raggruppare in un unica regola la dichiarazione di tutte le proprietà di un selettore.

tags css, grafica, web design

CSS Cheat Sheet

Category: Cheat Sheets

This one page cheat sheet is intended for web developers who are new to CSS and want to have a quick look up guide for CSS related work.

tags css, graphic, webdesign, design

RGB Hex Colour Chart

Category: Cheat Sheets

A standard A4 piece of paper that shows the 216 so-called "web safe" or "non-dithering" colours.

tags graphic, css, colours, design, rgb, webdesign

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