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Google PageRank update - 27th September 2008

During its 10th Anniversary, Google decided to update its toolbar PageRank: find out your website's value with our tool.

Google PageRank update - 27th September 2008

Google is back! During these last few hours the sudden export of PageRank values to the majority of the sites listed on the most famous search engine caused another web revolution. As with every update, someone experienced a considerable drop in their PR, some had theirs benefited. As expected, IceLab earned another two PageRank points, reaching a PR3, a very satisfying result at the moment, and a reward for the work of these last months.

And you, like every good webmaster, would you like to find out your site's new PR?
From today, the process is even easier, because you can check your PR trend using our Google Pagerank Calculator tool.
Just follow the instructions and you shall obtain a fast, accurate – and especially free! – result.


Google Pagerank Calculator


  1. Kumar20 November 2008, 06:13:38

    I have lost my pages from index, any update on index pages??

  2. Loryzz20 November 2008, 10:55:33

    Google updates the amount of indexed pages daily. For to be sure that your pages aren't in Google index, try to search the following string:


    If there are any results, you could try using Google Webmaster Tools & Sitemaps.

  3. Jimmy Jenkins13 December 2008, 23:33:32

    The best way to get a site indexed is to register the site using Googles webmaster tools, then wait about a week and Googlebot will crawl your site

  4. Video Streaming26 August 2009, 14:24:39

    Great!!!Very useful tool for each site.

  5. Loryzz2 September 2009, 10:41:51

    Thanks ;)


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